The choice and range of cbd products on offer can sometimes be a little daunting ! Especially for a first time consumer, We hope this introduction will help you make a informed decision.

CBD Isolate or full spectrum.

These two ingrediants are the base for all cbd product you see on the market, Weather that be vape liquid, Dabs, Drop's, Tintures, Tablets and even Edibles.

At Hemp Harvesters we feel this is one of the most important factors you are faced with when deciding on your CBD product. The most overlooked and misunderstood is Full spectrum products are derived from the whole plant and contain all the extracts as nature intended, which means full spectrum products will contain trace elements of THC. Isolates are stripped of all elements inc THC but lacking some important benefits only full spectrum can truly offer but still great for many reasons.

What product is right for me ?

when it come to this, The main factor in our opinion is what you as an individual feel most comfortable with, we will give you a brief breakdown of each category..

Oil drops

A good way for your body to absorb cbd quickly. Easy to dose. Can have a after-taste not liked by all. Drops made with full spectrum often have a stronger taste.


Similar to drops, This product allows quick absorption, Is easy to dose and great to use whilst on the move.

Oil Extract

 In our opinion the best way to take a full spectrum oil, low amounts require to achieve your daily CBD intake. Can have a strong taste. Easy to dose. Very versatile.


Best for anyone concerned about THC and other CANNABINOID traces. Very versatile product, high purity cbd but has none of other full spectrum elements.  

Strengths and dosages

This is another area we feel passionate about helping our customers. This has become a minefield of poor information and bad practice for consumers. CBD is often stated in mg. 2 bottles labelled 1500mg are not necessarily the same strength..

A example is,

2 bottles both marked 1500mg yet 1 bottle is 30ml the other 10ml. Both these products contain the same mg of CBD but this 30ml bottle is more diluted (weaker) product.

Some suppliers may mark there products in percentages.

A example is,

A 10 ml bottle marked 10 per cent would contain 1000mg of CBD .

HempHarveters tips....

+Always buy lab tested products.

+That big bottle of CBD product is not always the strongest or cost effective. 

+Many vapes and drops are made from isolate- always ask if your in doubt and require full spectrum.

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